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Coffee Creamer High THCA Hemp Flower

Awaken Your Senses with Our Exclusive High THCA Coffee Creamer Strain!

Indulge in the rich, indulgent aromas of our Coffee Creamer hemp flower – a premium 70/30 Indica Dominant Hybrid crafted for those who know their cannabis. This small-batch beauty offers the perfect evening unwind with its tantalizing blend of zkittlez and kush mintz.

Key Features:

  • Limited Edition, Small Batch: Get your hands on this exclusive, limited supply before it vanishes.
  • Potent High THCA Content: Boasting a whopping 23.515% of THCA, this flower is crafted for experienced users seeking a deeply relaxing effect.
  • Coffee Creamer Flavor: A complex symphony of sweet and earthy notes that transport you to a serene, indulgent escape after a long day.
  • Visually Stunning Buds: Lush, crystal-coated, and kissed with prominent orange pistils, each bud is a piece of nature’s art.
  • Powerful Terpene Profile: High in Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Limonene for that therapeutic and aromatic experience.

Ideal Usage Recommendations:

Enjoy your high THCA hemp flower experience with caution and responsibility. Best consumed at home and securely away from vehicles or heavy machinery. We recommend mixing with CBD for an amplified entourage effect that delights and soothes.

Compliance and Assurance:

  • Ages 21+: Only for purchase by adults over twenty-one years of age.
  • Compliant with Farm Act: Grown under state and federal law, not exceeding 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight.
  • Lab Tested Quality: Tested and confirmed quality, meeting industry standards.
  • FDA Statement: Not evaluated by the FDA; consult a physician as necessary.

Note for Dispensaries: Email to inquire about our enticing bulk options.

⚠️ High THCA Hemp Warning: Be advised, this product is not for THC-sensitive individuals. It is a powerful strain that could result in a failed drug test.

Total Cannabinoids: 24.983%

Net Weight: Varies (Email for details)

Craft Your Relaxing Experiences Responsibly with Coffee Creamer—The Connoisseur’s Choice.

✉️ For inquiries and to secure your batch, contact us today!

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1 gram – 12.00, 1 gram pre-rolls 12.00, 1/4 7g – 65.00, 1/8th 3.5g – 35.00, 1oz – 200.00

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