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THCa %:20-25%

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GG#4 High THCa Hemp Flower

Experience the Pinnacle of Potency with our Small Batch, High THCa GG#4 Hemp Flower!

Indulge in the limited-edition GG#4, a premium, indica dominant hybrid crafted for the connoisseur. Derived from the acclaimed “Gorilla Glue,” this type 1 hemp flower is cultivated with exceptional care, using organic practices nurtured indoors in a coco medium. Emanating an intoxicating aroma of sour piney gas, GG#4 is a potent lineage of Chem Sister X Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel.

Key Features:

  • 60/40 Indica Dominant Hybrid: Enjoy the deep relaxation and profound calm.
  • Organic Indoor Cultivation: Grown meticulously in controlled environments for the highest quality.
  • Aromatic Terpene Profile: High levels of Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene offer a complex scent and potential entourage effects.
  • Powerful Cannabinoid Content: Enjoy an impressive THCA concentration of 22.517%.

Product Details:

  • Terpenes: 3.117%
  • THCVA: <LOQ%
  • D9 – THC: 0.177%
  • THCA: 22.517%
  • CBGA: 1.128%
  • CBCA: <LOQ%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 23.945%

Crafted for veterans and enthusiasts, this powerful flower is recommended for use with caution. It is to be enjoyed responsibly in the comfort of your own home, and remember, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consumption. For the full spectrum experience, mix with CBD to unlock the synergy of the entourage effect.

Buds are meticulously selected and cold-cured to perfection, offering a range of medium to small sizes.

Purchase Information and Legality:

  • Bulk Orders: Contact us directly for bulk dispensary options. (Disclaimer: Available for dispensaries only)
  • Age Restriction: You must be 21 or older to purchase this potent product.
  • Compliance and Testing: Meets legal thresholds with less than 0.3% delta-9 THC as per state and federal law. Lab tested and approved.

Safety and Warnings:

  • The FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or efficacy. Consult your physician before use.
  • Not recommended for consumption if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • May contain trace amounts of Delta-9 THC; a failed drug test is a possibility.

The purchaser assumes all risk and liability associated with the use, purchase, and possession of this product.

Unleash the full power of GG#4 High THCa Hemp Flower – Order now and experience true herbal mastery! 🌿

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1 gram – 12.00, 1 gram pre-rolls 12.00, 1/4 7g – 65.00, 1/8th 3.5g – 35.00, 1oz – 200.00

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