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Kush Mintz – High THCA Hemp Flower

Discover the Euphoric Balance of Kush Mintz


  • WARNING: This high THCA Hemp Flower is recommended exclusively for experienced cannabis users.
  • Limited Supply & Small Batch: Ensuring premium quality and an exclusive experience.
  • 50/50 Hybrid: Born from the powerhouse lineage of Bubba Kush & Animal Mintz.
  • Rapid Relaxation: Delivers a body high that, with higher doses, aids sleep.
  • Aromatic: Sweet minty and gassy scent with undernotes of spice and coffee.
  • Visually Striking Buds: Dense with varying green hues accented by vivid orange pistils.
  • Caution for THC Sensitivity: Not intended for THC-sensitive individuals. Consume responsibly at home.
  • Usage Advisory: Not to be used while driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • Optimal Consumption: Recommended to be blended with CBD to unlock a potent entourage effect.
  • Legal Compliance: Grown in accordance with the 2014 Farm Act, containing no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis.

Terpene Profile & Potency:

  • Terpenes: 1.739% with high levels of Linalool, Limonene, and Myrcene.
  • Total Cannabinoids: 23.172%, with a significant THCA content at 22.136%.
  • Lab-Tested: For quality, compliance, and safety.

Purchase Information:

  • Bulk Purchase: For dispensaries interested in bulk orders, contact us via email.
  • Age Requirement: Must be 21 years to purchase.
  • Legal Disclaimer: Not evaluated by the FDA for safety or efficacy. Consult a healthcare provider before using, especially if pregnant or breastfeeding. May affect drug test results.

Kush Mintz is not just a flower, it’s an experience tailored for those who know their cannabis and seek the highest quality and potency. Crafted with care and presented in small batches, Kush Mintz is the connoisseur’s choice for a premium and powerful hemp experience.

Get your hands on this exclusive and potent offering – perfect for a blissful unwind or a night of deep relaxation.

Please ensure you are well-informed of your state and local laws prior to making a purchase.

The buds are meticulously cold-cured for perfection. Indulge in the potent purity of Kush Mintz.

Disclaimer: The health and safety of our customers is our top priority. Always consume responsibly and adhere to all legal regulations. This product description is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical or legal advice.

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1 gram – 12.00, 1 gram pre-rolls 12.00, 1/4 7g – 65.00, 1/8th 3.5g – 35.00, 1oz – 200.00

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