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Orange Creamsicle High THCA Hemp Flower

Indulge in the sweet, citrusy aroma of Orange Creamsicle, a delectable sativa-dominant hybrid with a 60/40 split that offers an exquisite blend of flavor and potency for the veteran cannabis connoisseur. Caution is advised: this strain packs a powerful punch with its high THCA content and is recommended for seasoned users.

Product Highlights:

  • Strain Genetics: A lavish cross between Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit.
  • Flavor Profile: Signature orange creamsicle scent paired with a delightful, tangy taste.
  • Appearance: Vibrant green buds embellished with vivacious orange hairs and a dense, resinous coat.
  • Effects: Known for mood-enhancing abilities, ideal for alleviating stress and uplifting spirits.
  • Use Recommendations: Due to its strong effects, it is best consumed at home, not suitable for THC-sensitive individuals. Avoid operating vehicles or heavy machinery. Mix with CBD for an amplified entourage effect.
  • Bud Size: Medium to small, meticulously cold cured for quality assurance.
  • Terpene Profile: Rich in Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool, contributing to its distinct flavor and therapeutic properties.

Cannabinoid Content:

  • Terpenes – 3.613%
  • THCVA – ND%
  • Delta-9 THC – 0.250%
  • THCA – 24.341%
  • CBGA – 1.412%
  • CBCA – 0.522%
  • Total Cannabinoids – 26.525%

Legal Compliance:

  • Age Requirement: Must be 21+ to purchase.
  • Hemp Source: Lab-tested industrial hemp, grown under state and federal law with <0.3% Delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis.
  • Compliance: Fully compliant with the Agricultural Act of 2014 and its state counterparts. Not regulated under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.
  • Disclaimer: Not evaluated by the FDA. Consult a physician before use. Not intended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. May contain trace amounts of Delta-9 THC as per the 2018 Farm Bill. Risk of failed drug test.

Bulk Purchase: Email for inquiries regarding bulk orders (Dispensaries only).

Step into a realm where taste meets intensity with Orange Creamsicle High THCA Hemp Flower—where every puff is an homage to the sophisticated palate. Order now and elevate your experience.

The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Consumers are encouraged to verify product legality and compliance with local laws before purchasing.

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1 gram – 12.00, 1 gram pre-rolls 12.00, 1/4 7g – 65.00, 1/8th 3.5g – 35.00, 1oz – 200.00

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